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I've downloaded and unlocked the El Fili Virtual Book. Wow, it's really good. Thanks to it, I now actually understand Chapter 17: The Quiapo Fair. I've also tried the quiz on Chapter 1. The questions were just right. I only got 80% though, but it is good. It is an excellent idea to have a quiz for each chapter. So we would be sure that we really did understand the chapter well. Please do keep it going. -- Daryll
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Passwords for Virtual Book

Here are some 12-letter passwords for the El Fili virtual book (ElFili2009vb1.exe).

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El Filibusterismo Videos

Yes, lots of people are uploading El Filibusterismo videos to YouTube. So if you’re looking for a handy listing of such videos, you’ll now find it online.

It’s a good way to see how creative other people are when presenting their ideas about the El Fili. Do they present the kabanatas as-is? Or do they put a spin to the storyline?

Do they make use of whatever setting they have? Or do they go out of town for their video shoot?

Anyway, check it out and may it get your creative juices flowing in the world of video editing.

El Fili Membership Updates

The doors of the El Filibusterismo Online membership have been flung open once again, now that we have transferred some of the content to another webserver.

This website will eventually show the various chapter summaries, guides, and notes in multimedia format, while the El Fili Virtual Book will store the basic text portion.

Again, this is on a limited trial basis, so please get in while you can.

El Fili Membership

Just to clarify why we are using a membership system here in El Filibusterismo Online: we are adding multimedia modules, and the sudden spike in visitors can strain the webserver. The membership system can help us manage the server load better.

Thank you for your support and understanding.

Lost Chapters?

Someone is asking about the lost chapters of the El Filibusterismo. I haven’t come across this yet, though. The Noli Me Tangere has a lost chapter: Chapter 25 (Elias at Salome).

If you have heard about the El Fili’s lost kabanata, please let us know via the Contact Us page. Thanks!

El Fili From Outside the Philippines

What happens if you live outside the Philippines and you need to access El Filibusterismo (ElFilibusterismo.com) online? We are preparing a number of options for you.

In the meantime, you can ask your friends and relatives to help you out, since they will most likely have a cell phone and may be subscribed to SMART, Globe, Sun Cellular, and other local cellphone service providers in the Philippines.

Or you can also send an SMS text message (you’ll find the details in the Welcome Email). Another alternative is the Contact Us page.

So don’t let your living outside the Philippines keep you from accessing El Fili online today.

A New El Filibusterismo?

Looks like someone is going to create a modern adaptation of Jose Rizal’s El Filibusterismo, and has posted a survey online:


Charlton Yldefonso is an aspiring journalist who does not want to be viewed as an average Filipino. He wants to be autonomous and in his own right lead his countrymen and contribute to the current society of Filipinos through his blogs.

How I wish the survey had referenced some blog entry that gave more details behind the project.

Anyway, the poll was created last June 9, 2008 and the creator seems to have stopped posting online.

Chapter 07 and Dayo

Some teachers will ask you to relate your El Fili readings to current events. Well, in Chapter 07, you’ll read about a balete tree.

In terms of current events, in the recent 34th Metro Manila Film Festival, one of the movies was “Dayo”, a full-digital animated film.

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How To Analyze the El Fili

There are many ways to analyze the El Fili, and different teachers naturally have various approaches. In one case, it looks as if the teacher is trying to write a book of sorts. If you look at the requirements, you’ll find yourself going “Hmmm….”

Anyway, friends of ElFilibusterismo.com, check out the outline below…

Take note that this applies to each and every chapter of the novel.

1. Vocabulary / Talasalitaan

Find at least 25 words, and list down their meaning. If you wish to be more creative, present these in the form of a crossword puzzle or word game.

2. Important Events or Ideas

It’s sort of like the minutes of a meeting, except that you will compress in sequence the noteworthy events in each chapter. I don’t know why some teachers require this, and I’m itching to ask them if they even bother to read what students submit.

3. Character Review, Analysis, and Appreciation

Here’s where you list each character presented in the chapter or kabanata, along with a quick description. You can delve into the “character” of each person by pointing out displayed behavior in the story (i.e., how they relate to others), or by citing the so-called quotable quotes.

4. Relate to Current Events

Is the chapter relevant in today’s times? Can you give examples of things happening around you that can be related to the chapter you are reading?

5. Comprehension and Mastery

Usually, a sign that you understood a chapter is your ability to teach it. One of the quickest ways to prove that is to formulate chapter questions of your own, and to provide the answers to those questions.

(Now you understand why I can’t shake the feeling that some teachers are going to use this to write another El Fili review book.)

The types of questions that some teachers require students to submit are:

  • Multiple choice
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Matching

In certain cases, certain teachers will require at least 25 questions. Wow! ;-)

And all these in an effort to show:

  • Knowledge
  • Comprehension
  • Application
  • Analysis
  • Synthesis
  • Evaluation

Sounds pretty comprehensive, right? If you do all that on a per-chapter basis, will you still have time to do anything else? Well, I’m sure you’re creative enough to find a solution to that challenge… :-)


Getting Ready with El Fili

We’re getting ready with these El Filibusterismo online guides, so if you have specific questions that you would like to get a jumpstart on, please let us know.

So far, there are 27 out of 39 chapter summaries. But is this really what you need? Please send feedback….

For example, are you more interested in vocabulary or talasalitaan? Is there a particular chapter you want more info on, as in right now? Or there characters you are keenly interested in?

(For those looking for El Fili scripts, sorry but none are available… for now.)

Anyway, please contact us today so that we can get started immediately. Thanks!