Welcome to your online source of El Filibusterismo notes, guides, summaries, buod ng kabanata, talasalitaan (vocabulary), and more. The goal of ElFilibusterismo.com is to help you save time, so that you can rapidly learn the El Fili, and still have time for your family and friends.

Just like you, I had a hard time reading and comprehending Tagalog. And just like you, it was usually a case of having so many things to read, but so little time to even cram.

Hopefully, by presenting the El Fili in English (and later on, in Tagalog or Filipino), we will be able to make life a tad more enjoyable and fun.

Good luck and never give up! :-)

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Frequently Answered Questions (FAQ)

1. Why are the summaries super short?

Are you referring to the one- or two-paragraph teasers? After you join ElFilibusterismo.com and log in, you will have access to the full (not teaser) version.

Anyway, if you’re curious, here’s the full version of Chapter 01 (what logged in members will see), just to give you an idea of what’s inside this site.

2. Why are the full versions still short?

The whole point of this site is to help you save time. You already have tons to read, right? So why bombard you with even more text? In other words, stay tuned for more multimedia presentations in this site. :-)